Laser Hair Removal

Get Rid of Your Hair Permanently.

1- Laser Hair Removal (IPL)

Multiple technologies to treat the growth of unwanted facial or body hair, including:

  • The face: upper lip, cheeks, chin and neck

  • The body: breasts, belly, arms, shoulders, bikini, legs and back


2- Non-laser Hair Reduction (Epilfree)

Silky Skin Devoid of Hair

At Esthétique Diane, we use the Epilfree non-laser permanent hair removal solution. This new method has been dermatologist tested and is completely safe. The technology is painless, effective, and suitable for all skin types. The results are also excellent for the removal of peach fuzz.


Epilfree Is Suitable for:

  • All skin types (white, tanned or black)

  • All hair types (light or dark)

  • All ages

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