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Esthétique Diane opened in 1980 with the firm belief that good care will help your skin stay beautiful and youthful-looking. That's why we offer thermocoagulation, photorejuvenation, firming and microdermabrasion sessions. These medical-esthetic treatments will rid you of your skin imperfections without any adverse effects.

Innovative Technologies

The owner, Diane Filion, is passionate about her field and constantly updates her practices, offering her clients the latest in high performance technologies. She has also taught cosmetology, biology and beauty techniques for many years at La Cité Collégiale in Ottawa.


Whether you need a facial, a permanent hair removal session or a anti-aging treatment, we can advise you and offer you the best service.



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EYE LINER $ 299  + taxes

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EYEBROW Tatoo $ 299  + taxes

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EyeLiner and Eyebrow Tattoo

Axis anti-aging facials effectively stimulate the cells that produce collagen and the elastin so that your skin looks great again.After just a few treatments, skin is brighter, its texture is improved, wrinkles are reduced and areas without tone are firmer

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